IDNA applications (was: RE: sharp s (Eszett))

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Fri Mar 7 22:03:53 CET 2008

At 11:51 AM -0800 3/7/08, Michel Suignard wrote:
>Again, when I read 
>I see a set of rules that will require application to update when 
>the repertoire grows. I am not exactly excited about it either, but 
>it just means that browsers need some sort of self-update mechanism 
>that most of them have anyway (including IE7). It is fairly clear 
>that every browser (afaik) will require a serious patch to move from 
>IDNA2003 to IDNA200x anyway (the bidi behavior change being another 
>breaking change), so this does not create a specific issue on its 

Just to be clear: this is not just browsers. All applications that 
use IDNA2003 (mail programs, IM clients, and so on) will need to have 
the self-update property described above, assuming that we adopt the 
"mapping is done in the application" idea.

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