Feedback of PAN L10n project on IDNAbis for Languages of Developing Asia

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Subject: Re: Feedback of PAN L10n project on IDNAbis for Languages of Developing Asia




I saw only Urdu and Nepali in the wiki so assume others are still to follow?


1. are the urdu suggestions for inclusion in DNS consistent with Patrik's properties-based inclusion algorithm plus contextual exceptions? If not, we will need to figure out how to achieve consistency.


2. I assume that "translations" are intended to be local and that their use would result in normalized ASCII outputs for each of the referenced domain names currently in the list for ccTLDs and gTLDs when the localizations are externalized - like the use of Fully Qualified Domain Names in email systems that allow abbreviated domain names internally.


This form of localization gives rise to some serious confusion if any of the listed translations become valid internationalized ccTLDs or gTLDs.


what is the general thinking about dealing with that potential conflict?





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Dear All,


Please find the subject document, which includes feedback on IDNAbis process from the following Countries (Languages):


Afghanistan (Pashto), Bangladesh (Bangla), Bhutan (Dzongkha), Cambodia (Khmer), Laos (Lao), Mongolia (Mongolian), Nepal (Nepali) and Pakistan (Urdu) through work done by PAN Localization project


This document is available at  


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