Comments on idnabis-bidi-01

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at
Thu Jul 17 09:50:39 CEST 2008


I understand too little of bidi to contribute to the content of bidi-01, 
so here come just some formal comments:

* Section 1.2: s/"Stringprep",/"Stringprep"/

* Section 1.2: s/algorithm, :/algorithm:/

* Section 1.3: Include the definition of the acronyms "LTR" and "RTL" for 
the sake of completeness.

* Section 2.1, last paragraph: when citing the directionality class of 
U+07AA include a reference to the appropriate source (e.g. UnicodeData.txt 
v 5.1)

* Section 2.2: Move the SYO book reference to the informative references 

* Section 2.2, ditto about the directionality class of U+05B8.

* Section 6.1: s/the Punycode form of the string/the ACE form of the 

* Section 8: An informative reference to RFC 2672 for DNAME would be 
helpful to some readers.

Best regards,
Marcos Sanz

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