tables document [Re: IDNA comments]

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Tue Jul 15 04:11:46 CEST 2008

> At 23:17 14/07/2008, Mark Davis wrote:
> >subject to Expert Reviewers Committee, with requirements set by the 
> >RFC that all and only those characters necessary for backwards 
> >compatibility be added for each Unicode release.
> 1) which Expert Reviewers Commitee?
> 2) This seems something in the area of decision of each Registry Manager?
> jfc

You're mixing up two things.

Registration of *domain names* is under the purview of the
Registry Managers. That is the topic of Section 4.4 in
protocol-02, "Registry restrictions".

What Mark is talking about is an IANA registry of PVALID
characters (and the other classes) per Unicode version
starting with Unicode 5.1. That is called out in Section 5
in tables-02, "IANA Considerations", which calls it
a "list of the derived property". And the need for
it is discussed in Section 13.1 in rationale-01, "IDNA
Character Registry".

The "experts" are the "appointed expert" mentioned in
Section 5 of tables-02. I agree with Mark that the language
there is still vague and should be spelled out more
exactly as to what the content of the IANA list should
be and exactly how it is updated for each new Unicode version,
so people aren't unclear about the intent or the process.


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