Issues list for draft-ietf-idnabis-tables document

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Jul 14 10:28:15 CEST 2008

This is the current list of issues that are outstanding. The rest of  
the issues SHOULD have been taken care of by version -02.txt that  
should be available shortly in the repositories.

P1: Order of codepoints in for example the exceptions table

Current state: Order is by codepoint value

Proposal: Sort by value instead of code point, for clarity. Ideally  
each value would be in its own subsection: PVALID,

Comment from editor: I have seen more voices against this proposal  
than in favor.

Suggested action: None

P2: Split appendix A (non-normative list of codepoints) in one list  
per property value

Current state: The list is not split

Proposal: Split the list in one per property value, or at least order  
by property value.

Comment from editor: I suggested this after seeing [P1]. Voices where  
rised against this proposal.

Suggested action: None

P3: IANA is to update the Backward Compatible list.

Current State: IANA is to host a list of derived values such as the  
one in appendix A, and update this list whenever a new version of  
Unicode is published. IANA is not to update any of the tables in this  
document. That is done only by updating this RFC.

Proposal: Have the backwards compatible character list, the exceptions  
list, and the context rules all be in a single document published by  
IANA, and controlled by the group discussed in rationale.

Comment from editor: Most voices want changes to this document be by  
updating it, i.e. by requiring IESG action.

Suggested action: None

P4: Remove Appendix A

Current state: Appendix A holds a non-normative table of derived  
property values for Unicode 5.1.

Proposal: Remove the appendix as developers and readers do not  
understand the difference between the appendix being normative or non- 

Comment from editor: At least during development of this I-D, the  
appendix has helped. I also think personally people do understand the  
difference. So I personally am not as worried.

Suggested action: None


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