IDN uses unicode because...

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Wed Jul 9 02:02:18 CEST 2008

> > How about:
> > 
> > "IDNA uses the Unicode character repertoire because its widely
> > adopted and one of the few globally recognized standards that
> > encompass the needs of all users".
> To pick nits, "all users" is contestable.

It is to avoid just this kind of nit-picking that I suggested

"IDNA uses the Unicode character repertoire, for continuity
with IDNA2003."

> The CJK screw-up (where for
> the CJK range codepoints were arbitrarily assigned to units of meaning
> rather than actual characters) springs to mind!

I don't know where *that* assertion came from. Whatever
its origin, it is complete misinformation about CJK characters
in Unicode.

> These sorts of things (and I've no idea how widespread they are, really,
> I know only of that one for certain)

Can you cite certain sources for it? 


> are IMHO the (not so) unknown
> reason Unicode gets dissed frequently...
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