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Mon Jul 7 23:55:28 CEST 2008

> > Add, to show that we not playing favorites, "Even the very
> > common words in English like "can't, and "don't" are not allowed.
> ...won't work for me, I'm not sure that "don't" is a "word".
> Of course English is favoured, pretending that it's not is a
> waste of everybody's time.  And it starts to get surreal if
> folks say "Roman alphabet" when they mean "US-ASCII letters"
> for political correctness, nothing is wrong with "w" and "u".

For historical reasons, English does have a special place in DNS. The
purpose of IDNA is to erase that distinction as much as possible, allowing
characters needed by any language. The point here is not about that general
issue, but that *not every character that people thinks are part of words in
a language* is necessarily going to be in IDNA. And as an example of that,
even English in its 'special' position does not get perfectly ordinary,
common words like "don't".

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