Tonus (was: Re: Casefolding Sigma (was: Re: IDNAbis Preprocessing Draft))

Harald Alvestrand harald at
Thu Jan 31 15:29:13 CET 2008

--On Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:55:31 +0200 Vaggelis Segredakis 
<segred at> wrote:

> Harald,
> I am referring to the .gr database of Domain Names.
> No one has violated anything, since we keep the domain names with lower
> case sigmas but the people who chose to register these specific domain
> names have done so because they can input them on the browser line as
> they spell them in Greek, with the final sigmas in place. Should we deny
> them of this choice?

If the final sigmas are in the zone file, you have violated IDNA2003.

If the sigmas in the zone file are the generic sigmas, you have not 
violated IDNA2003, but you have chosen to keep a representation in your own 
database that will display correctly even when using software that does not 
do automatic variant selection of the sigma when it's in the final position.

I think that's the correct terminology according to the Unicode way of 

> Should I start spelling my name as Βαγγέλησ instead of
> Βαγγέλης which is the correct spelling because some people had
> problems designing a multilingual protocol for computers?

It's the same letter. It's the shape that's different.
(apologies for the fact that I'm writing this on a font-deficient computer 
and can't actually see the text...)


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