Casefolding Sigma (was: Re: IDNAbis Preprocessing Draft)

Michel Suignard michelsu at
Mon Jan 28 20:25:04 CET 2008


> From: John C Klensin
>>--On Saturday, 26 January, 2008 18:57 +0900 Martin Duerst
>><duerst at> wrote:
>> Are such short codes being considered at all? In parallel
>> with full names? Or did you mean that Cypros is looking
>> at getting the equivalent of Cs in Greek for their TLD?
>Or the equivalent of Cypros in Greek characters for their
>TLD. If you want to get seriously depressed (or amused,
>depending...) you should examine the range of proposals for
>IDN TLD names and how to formulate them that have been
>circulated around ICANN.

Having written one of these proposals, I beg to disagree somehow. Using the iana list of the active cctlds, I took the country names in their native writing systems and was reasonably successful. The issues I had were:
- lack of capital forms, but that is inherent of the lowercase bias taken by IDN,
- Cyprus, issue of the ending sigma, which has been discussed a lot here
- Maldives, because it ends with a combining mark
- Sri Lanka, needs ZWJ to be correctly represented,
- Myanmar, imperfect representation with Unicode 3.2 and therefore IDNA2003

Except for the Cyprus case, it is my understanding that the work as currently proposed in the new IDN200x would fix these issues.

PS I can post my document publicly if there is interest in this list.

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