Invisible Canadian Syllabics (was: Re: Casefolding Sigma (was: Re: IDNAbis PreprocessingDraft)

Kenneth Whistler kenw at
Fri Jan 25 20:28:51 CET 2008

> >What characters do not have glyphs in Unicode 5.0?
> U+1424 and U+1426. The names indicate what they might look like,
> but my copy of the book really has nothing there, neither in the
> glyph chart (p. 684) nor in the character list (p. 687), unless
> it's printed in some invisible ink or so.

Just to clear away one (of many) distracting issues here, this
is a known problem with the printing of Unicode 5.0. This
was posted as an erratum on January 7, 2007:

and the online charts correctly show the glyphs in question.

Now back to our regularly scheduled debate. ;-)


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