ALWAYS/MAYBE and CJK (was: Re: IDNAbis Main Open Issues)

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Jan 24 00:00:13 CET 2008

For what it is worth, as a linguist, indeed as a linguist celebrated 
for defending minority communities and all of those poor folk who 
don't make anybody any money, I agree with every word Ken Whistler 
has just written.

I've been involved in watching this tussle since May 2005. I'm still 
on the side of the linguists and I still wish the protocol people 
would listen to the linguists.

I was cheered by what Gervase said about displaying final sigma. I 
hope that the Mozilla and Safari and IE get together and agree on a 
method to do the right thing for the Greeks.

I don't know whether my views are considered valuable by many of the 
people on this list. I'll go back to lurking.
Michael Everson *

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