Comments on IDNAbis issues-05

John C Klensin klensin at
Sat Jan 19 22:11:01 CET 2008

--On Saturday, 19 January, 2008 11:29 -0800 Mark Davis
<mark.davis at> wrote:

> This is the key remaining issue -- see my other messages of
> today.
> Note: I'll be in India next week, and won't be able to really
> respond until after I get back.


I've been working on an update to issues-05 (and to the protocol
spec) since before responding to your comments in my earlier
note and quite a lot thereafter.  I haven't posted it yet
because I didn't want to waste people's time with an incomplete
draft, but we've now gotten fairly significantly out of synch,
with some of the comments in your four most recent notes already
addressed in the text (although, unsurprisingly, in somewhat
different ways).  In deference to your trip, I'll try to go back
through and make sure that the latest comments have been
addressed prior to posting, but, because of that out-of-synch
situation, please don't expect quite the level of detail in
responses that the previous note received.

Have a good trip.

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