NFKC and dots

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Mon Jan 7 11:52:09 CET 2008

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    Erik van der Poel:
    I haven't been able to figure out a way to get the browsers to insert
    U+002E into a label (from the HTML <a> tag). Although I agree with you
    that RFC 1035 clearly allows for it via the \. syntax, I do not
    consider the browsers' non-support of this feature to be "breaking"
    RFC 1035. The browsers do not "break" the most important parts of RFC
    1035, and I hereby suggest that the \. syntax of RFC 1035 is both
    against the principle of least astonishment and probably quite

Note that 1035 defines the use of "\" to excape the "." in labels
only in the context of the textual representation of labels in the
(MASTER) zonefiles.  It does not define how applications (such as
web servers, which didn't even exist by the time 1035 was written)
handle textual representations of "." in a label.

Whatever the browsers do currently is just not standardized as far
as I know.

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