Historic scripts as MAYBE?

Paul Hoffman phoffman at imc.org
Mon Apr 28 05:39:45 CEST 2008

At 7:42 PM -0700 4/27/08, Mark Davis wrote:
>True, but remember that there is no bright line with "archaic/historic".

I took inclusion in Chapter 14 of TUS to be a bright enough line. 
Maybe you're saying it isn't.

>If you mean: "nobody uses it", then no script qualifies!

I do not mean that at all. I mean "another qualified standards body 
has defined it for us".

>I have gotten no reply back from my message of 5 days ago ("Re: 
>Stability of valid IDN labels"). Without some concrete user 
>scenerios making a compelling case, all we have a bald statement 
>about unnamed "application creators". That is hardly the way to go 
>about doing a specification.

We disagree. Patrik's statements about what a developer would want (a 
stable list of what is prohibited so they can filter) seems logical 
to me. You might code differently, of course. If we go down a path 
where we require that developers code in a certain fashion, that 
makes the spec much more fragile.

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