Stability of valid IDN labels

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Mon Apr 21 17:19:30 CEST 2008

At 14:18 21/04/2008, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>(The example of the language tag registry, given by Mark Davis, is a 
>better one, since language tags processors are not supposed to do 
>online validation, so, for language tags, stability is necessary.)

I have real concerns about the LSR itself which has been discussed 
purposely without relation with IDNA. However, I will raise anoher 
related point. The IDNA principle is to add to the DNS without 
changing the DNS. When the DNS was developped the point was to add to 
Host.txt without changing Host.txt. This was correctly done since I 
currently use Host.txt. Without any stability problem, and it supports IDNs.

My point is that this is not because we do not want to change the DNS 
for those using regular domain names, that we are prevented from 
discussing and implementing an IDNS for IDNs. In so doing, a 
realistic way would be to start from DDDS. I hoped that the LSR 
debate could lead to this. But constraining complications prevailed 
over complexity simplification as often it first seems easier, 
because one starts from something we think we control, while we do 
not control yet the new complexity we are to address (as it is the 
case with IDNA).

The way I see the progression is Host.txt -> DNS -> MDRS 
(multilingual distributed referential system) where the DN support 
stays the same.  This third generation resolver should be an open and 
versatile DDDS offering a personnalised super-IANA environment, 
delivering DNS but also locale/netlocale (the way the network is 
perceived from a locale POV), linguistic, and semantic referent 
dynamic and customized information.

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