Stability of valid IDN labels

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Sun Apr 20 02:51:54 CEST 2008

JFC Morfin wrote:
> At 01:17 20/04/2008, LB wrote:
>> [... removed for space reasons only ...]
> Louis,
> Eric refers to a misuse of ISO 3166 by ICANN which lead to a deal. 
> They have kept ".su" supposedly to support USSR Internet archives, 
> instead of respecting ISO 3166-3 (historic names) and supporting it as 
> a DNAME for its 4 letters historic code. This means that what Vint 
> sees being used for the past (temporary place), Eric shows it can be 
> for future eternity, as a "may also be". This relate to what you say. 
> Users cannot accept that possible change due to external constraints. 
> But what about internal constraints?

The above captures the impermanent nature of the subset of ISO 
3166-1-alpha-2 code values contained at any point in time in the IANA 
root zone, which I cited as an example of a temporal property other than 

The intent or inapplicability of specific use cases is not something I 
consider particularly relevant in the context of mechanisms for label 
(in)validation which are themselves fundamentally unrelated to the 
two-octet to some very small set of ASCII value pairs.


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