Stability of valid IDN labels

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Sat Apr 19 02:38:27 CEST 2008

At 00:45 19/04/2008, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:
>I have the impression that there are alpha-2 code points that are 
>absent from the root zone, e.g., "SU", and that 3166, as absurd as 
>it may be, defines the syntax for the valid subset of all octet 
>pairs(*), or alpha-2 code points.
>However, your larger point is that there is a well-defined 
>requirement for "/syntactic /validity forever", and you can share 
>that with me, because I don't know where the requirement originated.

Dear Eric,
I am afraid you get confused between Unicode and ISO 3166. Unicode 
gives code points for characters, ISO 3166 defines the country code, 
and the local language(s) and script(s). This relate to the support 
of IDNccTLD not to the support of characters, except when there is a 
possible exception due to a difference between a country and Unicode 
on a character set. In that case, ISO 3166 should prevail as it is 
the basis for every other international applications, standards and UN WSIS.

Just for your information. We are a certain number to acknowedge ISO 
3166 as the core building block of multi-lingualisation, 
-lateralisation, -achitecture for the Internet. i.e. as its core 
element of stability. This from experience, from observation of the 
world and because it is a TC46 standard and TC46 respects the ISO 
rule to develop clear and interintelligible standards (to proceed in 
parallel in English and French). This was underline by Paul about 
verbosity in RFCs. A standardisation process should use 
bi/trilingualism to reduce pragmatics and augment semantics.

 >>> idn at
Nous avons une confusion habituelle entre les normes ISO et leur 
propos. Ceci vient (1) d'une connaissance plus forte des RFC que des 
normes internationales et des grands standards (2) d'un disrespect de 
la norme d'écriture des normes ISO en français et en anglais en 
parallèle (ce qui devrait permettre de réduire les pragmatismes 
propres à chaque langue, et d'augmenter la valeur sménantique par 
ajout des pensers des deux langues).

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