New Attempt to Close on IDNABIS Charter (v2)

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Thanks martin. If the need arises on exterior review to revise, I will keep these observations in mind v

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In general, very good. A few nits below, some of which I think don't even have to be fixed (:-).

At 18:55 08/03/31, Vint Cerf wrote:

>The original Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) WG specified rules for the use of characters other than Latin A(a)-Z(z), digits 0-9 and the hyphen (・
 in domain names in RFC3490, RFC3491 and RFC3492 in 2002 (published in 2003 and often referenced collectively as 的DNA2003

Please avoid any non-ASCII quotes and such.

>  - Review, and if necessary revise, the algorithms and rules for handling right to left character sequences in an IDN context to allow labels based on additional scripts and languages and to make presentation as predictable as reasonably possible.

[I think there is enough common understanding that we won't get into problems
with this as worded, so just for the record:]

"algorithms and rules for handling right to left character sequences in an IDN context"
suggests that we might get involved in variants of the Unicode Bidi Algorithm.
I don't know about anything like this to be planned, and I think there is general
agreement that this would be a bad idea.

In case this gets changed, I suggest a wording such as:

"rules and restrictions for including right to left character sequences into IDNs"

This makes clear that the main mechanism is restrictions, and that it's not
so much about what you do (handle) with these, but which are allowed and which not.

Regards,   Martin.

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