Greek Casefolding sigma

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Sorry must not have read carefully! 

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I'm not talking about modifying PunyCode -- we've all agreed that that's out of scope for the charter. What I was thinking about was postprocessing the Punycode result to use the case of the letters in the Punycoded string to carry information about the case of the original string. This is just blue-skying -- nothing should distract from the main order of business, which is getting the charter done.


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	I suspect we will spiral into a nonconvergent path if we start modifying punycode. it is out of bounds in any case for the proposed working group chartedm

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	> The simplest mechanism would be to then take that set of bits and walk
	> through the Punycode, and for each bit in the vector changing each cased
	> letter to uppercase to represent a 1 bit, and leaving it lowercase represent
	> a 0 bit.
	I recommend against inventing a new mechanism here. Punycode already
	provides an "originally-uppercase" bit per source character. Within
	IDNA, the uppercase information could be extracted before or during
	folding, and then passed into the Punycode-encoding function.
	Unfortunately, there is only one bit per character, which as you point
	out is insufficient in some cases for precise representation of the
	original character. I am not sure if there is room to reliably extend
	the mechanism to 2 bits per character while maintaining compabibility
	and not confusing existing implementations that use the predefined
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