Re: idna-bis and '゜'

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Tue Nov 27 11:28:33 CET 2007

On 27 nov 2007, at 08.13, Martin Duerst wrote:

> With the current IDNA architecture, mapping happened at
> a single place in the protocol stack. Any idna library
> would do it, or it wouldn't want to call itself an idna
> library. That leads to a consistent and predictable behavior
> from a user viewpoint.

The major argument for me to NOT include mapping in IDNAbis is that  
IDNA(bis) is context free, while mappings that people want to have  
(given the requests I have got for example) require context dependent  
mapping. For example based on what locale is in use.

That one might need well defined mapping mechanisms is of course  
clear, but it can not be resolved as part of the context-free domain  
name layer in the chain of functions between user and wire.


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