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At 23:44 07/11/26, John C Klensin wrote:
>--On Monday, 26 November, 2007 06:02 -0800 Erik van der Poel
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>> Has anyone started working on iri-bis? Is there a draft?
>There is a draft


>but, if I correct recollect the content of a
>recent note from Martin, the most recent version has not been

Well, in the sense that there is virtually always an editor's
copy that may be a few edits ahead (in particular during a
publication stop), yes.

>My personal prediction is that it may be in for an "interesting"
>ride: there still seem to be ambiguities about the degree to
>which it is a user interface spec versus something to be used on
>the wire,

It is definitely designed to be used in protocols and formats,
although not all protocols and formats (in particular older ones)
may not use it.

>some of the script communities that are very different
>from European ones don't see it as an adequate solution to their
>problems, etc.

Do you mean that the scheme part is restricted to US-ASCII?
Or something else?

>I think all of those issues could be addressed
>with a very clear scope statement, but we may have problems
>agreeing on such a statement.

There is already quite some scope discussion in the document,
although under the title "Applicability" (Section 1.2). If
you have any proposals for improvement, please send them to
public-iri at, the mailing list for discussing this update.
[That applies to any other comments and suggestions on this
draft, which are all very welcome.]

Regards,    Martin.

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