New version, draft-faltstrom-idnabis-tables-02.txt, available

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Jun 18 17:05:20 CEST 2007

On 18 jun 2007, at 09.45, Martin Duerst wrote:

> For the purposes of this draft/memo/specification, a script is
> considered unproblematic iff:
> 1) ...
> 2) ...
> 3) ...
> ...

I understand more text should go into the tables-document, but it is  
for me very very important to also get the core of the document  
ready. We on this list should, I think, understand many of the  
underlying arguments by now, so I hope you can handle the case not  
all words and references are there yet. Making major updates AFTER  
adding all "bling" to the document is quite tiresome.

First of all, the normative spec in the document will be the  
algorithm. We have, as described in the idnabis document, seen all  
problems with the existing IDNA that because of the codepoint spec  
lock IDNA with Unicode 3.2. Only by moving to an algorithm instead of  
explicit codepoints we will make it possible to be "more future  
proof". The table in the appendix of the tables document is non- 
normative as it is a calculation on the tables that existed at the  
time of publication of the draft (and might include bugs regardless  
of how much we try to find the errors).

Secondly, the ALWAYS and NEVER property values are only allowed on  
unproblematic scripts if we have a rough consensus that the  
codepoints will not move from ALWAYS to NEVER or vice versa given the  
algorithm we have to calculate the property value itself.

As Harald says, many people have on this list and privately told me  
the list is "too short", but I really need someone that know the  
script, and know Unicode (and the history, including bugs,  
discussions on the unicore list etc), to say what to add.

I do not mind adding more scripts!

I want to add more scripts!

But I am not the person that can say what to add.


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