New version, draft-faltstrom-idnabis-tables-02.txt, available

Harald Alvestrand harald at
Thu Jun 14 10:36:15 CEST 2007

Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> Harald,
>> I can't tell the difference between an algorithm specified in terms of 
>> selection criteria and an algorithm specified in terms of set operations.
>> Either they achieve the same result, or they don't.
> You are missing my point.
> If you are creating a *data* specification that consists of
> some list of characters, then effectively you are (or should be)
> doing a specification of a set.
And you're missing mine, so that makes 2 of us.

I thought your comments on the 12th were very useful and valuable input 
for refining the specification so that it specifies the right sets of 

I can't say the same thing about your comments on the 13th.


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