JFC Morfin jefsey at
Tue Dec 11 16:23:16 CET 2007

At 09:49 11/12/2007, Yangwoo Ko wrote:
>But, you should be aware of the fact that human beings are 
>intelligent enough to overcome such a difficulty if they are 
>involved in the process. Without human in the process, consistent 
>failures will be the right thing.

Correct. This is where is the difficulty: that human beings are 
intelligent enough to overcome the difficulty through several non 
necessarily interoperable patches, in the same and in different 
situations. All this stuff belongs to the presentation layer. The 
thinking should be about the way to fake/implement one at the network 
stratta, not at the user one. Until now the IETF is involved in 
decentralised digital machine network engineering, not in distributed 
semantic human network ruling. Many issues here seem to be stratta 
violations to me?

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