Table issues (Part 2)

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Wed Dec 5 19:15:50 CET 2007

On 5 dec 2007, at 12.51, Mark Davis wrote:

> This category consists of code points in Unicode that were assigned to
> ALWAYS by applying the calculation rules in Section 3 to any previous
> version of Unicode extending back to Unicode version 5.1. That is,  
> if the
> current version of Unicode were 7.0, and character X had been  
> determined to
> be ALWAYS according to an application of the rules in, say, Unicode  
> 6.1,
> then it has a backward-compatibility value of ALWAYS.

Ok, then it was as I thought.

Are all old property values part of the Unicode Distribution? So this  
derivation of the property value can be done on "any normal  
installation of Unicode data files"?


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