Bidi simplification (Re: IDNA protocol checking/processing)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Sat Dec 1 12:17:19 CET 2007


--On 30. november 2007 18:36 -0800 Michel Suignard 
<michelsu at> wrote:

> As many have already said, there is clearly progress in the new documents
> and all the authors should be thanked for that. It is especially good to
> see the protocol document. There are however missing pieces, especially
> in the CONTEXT rules especially concerning the ZWJ and ZWNJ and the bidi
> special tests (section 4.4 of draft-klensin-idnabis-protocol-02.txt,
> tests 3 and 4).
> I have proposed in the past new text for the bidi rules which does not
> require to run the Unicode bidi algorithm (as suggested in section 4 of
> draft-alvestrand-idna-bidi-01.txt referenced in test 4). By special
> casing the NSM category it is my belief we can avoid that step.

can you make those suggestions again, within the context of the current 
version of the BIDI document?
I'm afraid that I've lost the context of what you're referring to. I've 
been quite unhappy that there has been so little commentary on the latest 
revision of the BIDI document, and would very much like to have some more 
competent input on it.

But I believe that the correct context for that discussion is the bidi 
document, not the protocol document - if we can get bidi right, the 
protocol document should have absolutely no need to do anything but refer 
to it.


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