The lookalike problem(s)

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Sun Nov 26 22:00:23 CET 2006

At 2:45 PM -0500 11/26/06, John C Klensin wrote:
>(1) I don't see any way to put a "one label, one script" rule
>into the protocol in a way that would do us any good.

That's good to hear; we are in agreement then.

>But, Michael, this is, I believe, why you and Paul have been
>confusing each other.  I think that he assumed, when we have
>said "one label, one script", that the  test would be made on
>"Greek script" only. The fact that the European digits aren't
>"Latin script" is irrelevant -- from the standpoint of that test
>as he (reasonably) interpreted it, it is important only that
>they aren't Greek.

Right, sorry. The example would be the same for 
"<name-of-Greek-company>". We are not going to include all of 
"Common" either, of course.

>(3) While I am getting skeptical about the feasibility of
>applying a label-homogeneity rules to the basic protocol, these
>sorts of things makes perfectly good sense as a registry

They can make good sense, but also can be unnecessarily onerous. I 
believe we should not be encouraging such rules, simply saying that 
they are reasonable in some cases, From the past few years of 
experience, I would say ccTLDs are better off picking-and-choosing 
which characters outside their natural script they would allow in 
their SLD names.

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