The lookalike problem(s)

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Sun Nov 26 03:23:08 CET 2006

At 1:13 AM +0000 11/26/06, Michael Everson wrote:
>At 17:07 -0800 2006-11-25, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>>At 11:48 PM +0000 11/25/06, Michael Everson wrote:
>>>>  or coarser-grained prohibitions ("cannot mix Latin and Greek") 
>>>>which will have negative effects on non-Latin names.
>>>Can you be explicit about what you think this means, with examples?
>>If you cannot mix Latin and Greek, you cannot have a label that has 
>>both Greek letters and digits (such as for a year, or a radio 
>>station frequency).
>Please give explicit examples in PDF with embedded fonts (my e-mail 
>client is Eudora which is not yet Unicode-savvy) of what you are 
>talking about.

I'm not sure why you are insisting on seeing the example visually. 
Take any Greek word (even "Hellas") and append some Latin numerals, 
such as the current year.

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