UTC Agenda Item: IDNA proposal

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at denic.de
Fri Nov 24 15:36:38 CET 2006


> > Are the Greek letters looking simmilar to the Latin letters going to 
> > banned from the standard next?
> > Sorry, but this reasoning is ludicrous. What is the problem you are
> > trying to solve?
> Engineering, also called "finding the point of equitably distributed 

"Engineering" is certainly not the problem you are trying to solve, is it? 

> Greek lookalikes can be partially solved by a "don't change scripts in 
> mid-label" rule.

If I understand you right, this is a rule that could be implemented by a 
domain registry, and which is left to its discretion. This is something 
completely sound and which I fully support.

Accordingly then, the decision whether IPAs should be mixed with other 
(latin) characters/blocks should be left to the registry, too, and not 
being dealt with at the protocol level.

Best regards

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