UTC Agenda Item: IDNA proposal

Patrik Fältström patrik at frobbit.se
Fri Nov 24 15:23:18 CET 2006

On 24 nov 2006, at 03.22, Sam Vilain wrote:

> Class "Nd" are numbers, and should be included. Class "Lo" is  
> required,
> except:
> U+0A8D : ઍ, which can be represented as U+0A85 U+0AC5 : અૅ

This is a big problem.

My position is this:

The IETF is not the organisation that is going to pick individual  
code points. Either we use the definitions used by the Unicode  
Consortium (class, script, block, normalization rule, case folding  
rule), or we ask the Unicode Cosortium to come with something new  
(for example a new class).

Maybe (and I say maybe) we have different rules for combinations of  
{class, script, block}.

Please give me such triples, and I try it out in new versions of the  


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