UTC Agenda Item: IDNA proposal

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at denic.de
Fri Nov 24 14:18:02 CET 2006

> >> - Do not accept IPA extensions for latin
> > 
> > Um. Patrik? Some of those are used in African orthographies.
> > We CANNOT ban things based simply on what UCS Table the appear
> > in. Is that what you have done?
> > 
> > (I have not been able to follow all of the discussions.)
> Some of the IPA characters are problematic because the
> conventional glyphs look identical to base Latin/ASCII
> characters, or identical to them modulo standard style settings
> (e.g., italic).  It won't do to include all of the IPA group as
> "Latin" for that reason.  It won't do to exclude all of the IPA
> group because a few of them are used in African orthographies.
> Someone --and I would be delighted if you would take it on-- is
> going to have to go through the block and identify which
> characters are needed for those orthographies (and, obviously,
> are not glyph-equivalent to basic Latin characters) so that they
> can be included.

Are the Greek letters looking simmilar to the Latin letters going to be 
banned from the standard next?
Sorry, but this reasoning is ludicrous. What is the problem you are trying 
to solve?


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