UTC Agenda Item: IDNA proposal

Patrik Fältström patrik at frobbit.se
Fri Nov 24 04:48:12 CET 2006

On 24 nov 2006, at 02.43, John C Klensin wrote:

> --On Friday, 24 November, 2006 09:30 +1300 Sam Vilain
> <sam.vilain at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:
>> Fair points.  How about, for characters that have not had the
>> script-aware decision made on them, get categorised as
>> "Pending" rather than "Exclude" ?  Then it is fairly obvious
>> that the decision making process is incomplete.
> That was where we started.  I assume that, in many cases, the
> assignment of "Exclude" is a temporary consequence of the
> software and templates Patrik is using, rather than an
> intentional or permanent choice.

That is actually what I have internally in the software, a  
classification of score 1-4 for the different classes (and a fifth  
class for class Lu and Lt). Then between the versions I "just" move  
classes between the scoring mechanism, plus adding special cases of  

That scoring is not visible in these tables though, as people asked  
for more black/white result.


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