Conflicts over Taiwan OIDs

There is a conflict regarding who registers object identifiers under Taiwan, and what these OIDs actually are.

This is the status as of July 30, 1998.

The relevant persons to contact are:

All the Web pages pointed to here are in Chinese script, so I'm having a hard time getting any real information on this problem.

To complicate things further, the numbers under 2.16 are allocated according to ISO 3166, and I have seen no indication that 886 is actually allocated to Taiwan. 158 is allocated.

And since Taiwan is apparently not an ISO member body, its use of any OIDs under the 1.2 arc (ISO member bodies) is also doubtful, but likely to be unchallenged - since this is also using the ISO 3166 codes, no other authority can use 1.2.158.

From my distance, all I can do is to ask those who want an object identifier under the Taiwan arcs to be careful, and hope they sort it out without too many users being lost on the way.....

Harald Tveit Alvestrand