- Authority Key Identifier

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OID value:

OID description:

This extension may be used either as a certificate or CRL extension. It identifies the public key to be used to verify the signature on this certificate or CRL. It enables distinct keys used by the same CA to be distinguished (e.g., as key updating occurs).

authorityKeyIdentifier EXTENSION ::= {
	SYNTAX AuthorityKeyIdentifier
	IDENTIFIED BY id-ce-authorityKeyIdentifier

AuthorityKeyIdentifier ::= SEQUNCE {
	keyIdentifier	[0] KeyIdentifier OPTIONAL,
	authorityCertIssuer [1] GeneralNames OPTIONAL,
	authorityCertSerialNumber [2] CertificateSerialNumber OPTIONAL,
} (WITH COMPONENTS {..., authorityCertIssuer PRESENT,
			authorityCertSerialNumber PRESENT} |
   WITH COMPONENTS {..., authorityCertIssuer ABSENT,
			authorityCertSerialNumber ABSENT} )

KeyIdentifier ::= OCTET STRING

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