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This extension which shall be used only in a CA-certificate, indicates a name space within which all subject names in subsequent certificates in a certification path must be located.

his extension may, at the option of the certificate issuer, be either critical or non-critical. It is recommended that it be flagged critical, otherwise a certificate user may not check that subsequent certificates in a certification path are located in the name space intended by the issuing CA.

If this extension is present and is flagged critical then a certificate-using system shall check that the certification path being processed is consistent with the value in this extension.

nameConstraints EXTENSION ::= {
	SYNTAX NameConstraintsSyntax
	IDENTIFIED BY id-ce-nameConstraints

NameConstraintsSyntax ::= SEQUENCE {
	permittedSubtrees [0] GeneralSubtrees OPTIONAL,
	excludedSubtrees  [1] GeneralSubtrees OPTIONAL

GeneralSubtrees ::= SEQUENCE SIZE (1..MAX) OF GeneralSubtree

GeneralSubtree ::= SEQUENCE {
	base GeneralName,
	minimum [0] BaseDistance DEFAULT 0,
	maximum [1] BaseDistance OPTIONAL

BaseDistance ::= INTEGER (0..MAX)

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