Review at Last Call

As an experiment, I am assigning reviewers to documents in Last Call. This gives reviewers more time to review, and gives more chance of having comments addressed before IESG review.

But - time between Last Call and IESG review is highly variable, and in some cases involves considerable rewriting of documents. I will try to have the same reviewers assigned at IESG time as at Last Call time, but I will definitely ask for a re-review.

With those caveats out of the way, here is the current list.

Draft LC Expiry Reviewer
draft-ietf-smime-rfc2632bis-06 2004-06-02 Brian Carpenter
2004-06-03 John Loughney
draft-ietf-mboned-embeddedrp-04 2004-06-03 Kent Crispin
RFC 2234 2004-06-07 Lucy Lynch
draft-ietf-ipv6-scoping-arch-01 2004-06-07 Mark Allman
draft-klyne-hdrreg-mail-05 2004-06-21 Michael Patton
draft-steidl-iptc-urn-00 2004-06-21 Spencer Dawkins
draft-ietf-aaa-diameter-cc-05 2004-06-15 Joel Halpern
draft-daigle-rfc954bis-01 2004-06-30 Scott Brim
draft-hardie-alt-consensus-02 2004-07-01 Brian Carpenter
draft-blunk-rpslng-05 2004-06-17 John Loughney
draft-phillips-langtags-03 2004-07-05 Kent Crispin
draft-ietf-fax-esmtp-conneg-09 2004-06-22 Lucy Lynch
draft-ietf-fax-ffpim-04 2004-06-22 Mark Allman
draft-ietf-fax-faxservice-enum-02 2004-06-23 Michael Patton
2004-06-25 Spencer Dawkins
draft-eastlake-xmldsig-uri-07 2004-07-09 Joel Halpern

Color key:

Green - Review received
Yellow - No review from this reviewer, but review from someone else
White - No review