Response to WG last call, Problem Statement: Thoughts on the IET F problem statement

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Fri Nov 21 19:45:31 CET 2003


let me just say for the record that I disagree with you.

I believe the fact that the IETF has technically competent leaders who are 
expected to use that competence when leading the organization is a central 
reason why the IETF has been successful in a number of areas where ISO, 
ANSI, ITU and many others have failed.

I also disagree with your comments about the value of corporate membership 
and the value of doing work (almost) only at face-to-face meetings (while I 
agree that sometimes more face-to-face meetings are useful).

Differentiation is not a goal in itself.
But neither is being like others.


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