Response to WG last call, Problem Statement: Thoughts on the IETF problem statement

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Thu Nov 20 19:51:06 CET 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Robert Snively wrote:

> I can understand your concern about working within a carefully
> structured system that guarantees open and fair access to all
> interested participants.


	Is there an example of a successful SDO that guarantees open
and fair access to all interested participants but does not require
membership fees? Or are you implying that those who cannot afford
membership fees cannot be interested enough?

	IETF does not require fees for low-level members that do not
want to get elected to IESG positions and such. This is both good
(more good engineers can participate) and bad (lack of money and
commitments). I do not know of any comparable SDO that does not have
fees or similar entry barriers. Do you?

	IETF membership policies are in the root of many of not most
IETF problems. Are there real-world examples where similar policies do
not cause the problems we face? Or are we in the unchartered
territory here?



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