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This could be of particular interest to the problem-statement and solutions 

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A good deal of the slideware material for Wednesday's plenary is now
available from the following URL:


This includes an overview of the report from the Advisory Committee about
IETF organization, and the presentations from the IESG about proposals for
changes to the IETF processes to solve some of the problems identified by
the problem-statement WG's output.

We apologize for publishing this information so late, but can only plead
lateness in getting to this point - we've been literally working on this
right up to the last minute!

Comments are welcome, of course - the Wednesday plenary will be mostly
devoted to presenting the proposals, and mostly addressing questions that
have to do with clarifying what's being intended - on Thursday, the
proposals - and what else we need to do - is, of course, going to be a main
topic in the open IESG and IAB sessions.

Welcome to the plenaries!

                     Harald Alvestrand

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