Fwd: Draft Agenda

Melinda Shore mshore at cisco.com
Thu Nov 6 17:05:08 CET 2003

Many apologies for being remiss about getting out a draft agenda.
Here's what's planned so far for the session next week.  Please let
us know if we've missed something, or if you've got additional
agenda items to propose.


> -  Review of changes made in draft-ietf-issue-summary-05
>      Discussion of Plans for second LC
>      Open Issues?
>                Structure of document
>                Choice of language in document
>                Ordering of issues in the document
>                Acceptable mix of problems
>                Acceptable list of root Causes
> -  Review of changes made in draft-ietf-problem-process-03
>      Discussion of decision to list alternative discussed as opposed 
> to drive to consensus
>      Discussion of plans for LC
>      Discussion of plans to ask the group be closed

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