New versions of issues and process drafts

Elwyn Davies elwynd at
Mon Nov 3 15:45:12 CET 2003


New versions of the two problem drafts have been sent to the I-D editor but
they haven't made it to the IETF server yet. They are:

In the meantime they can be accessed here:

FYI, the changes are:
[issue summary]
1.8 Major Changes between Versions 04 and 05

   o  Added a bullet in Section 2.2 indicating lack of documentation of
      potential protocol interactions.

   o  Two bullet points have been merged in Section 2.2 relating to the
      need for metrics and 'post mortem' reviews to improve processes.

   o  In Section 2.3 Pointed out the probable connection between
      inadequate external review and late detection of interactions.

   o  The last paragraphs of Section 2.6.4 and Section 2.6.5 have been
      toned down.

   o  The lack of a process to nominate a stand-in for a temporarily
      incapacitated AD has been noted in Section 2.6.2.

   o  Various spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed and some
      phraseology cleaned up.

1.3 Major Changes between Versions 02 and 03

   The draft now lists the various suggestions that have been floated as
   ways forward for the structural changes problems, documents the
   inability of the community to achieve consensus around any of these
   proposals and suggests that the problem is remitted to the control of
   the IESG.



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