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> >Description: valenci&#xe0;
> From the Department of Nit-Picking:
> If the decision is made to include the Valencian-language description, 
> the hex value in the escape sequence should be spelled with a capital 
> 'E' for consistency with the rest of the Registry:
> Description: valenci&#xE0;

>From the ABNF Police Department: 

It does not matter since the hex digit is case-insensitive.

RFC 4646 says:

  UNICHAR    = "&#x" 2*6HEXDIG ";"

and refers to RFC 4234 which says:

         HEXDIG         =  DIGIT / "A" / "B" / "C" / "D" / "E" / "F"

(And strings in ABNF are case-insensitive)

As Frank Ellermann reported, the currently-discussed Internet-Draft
draft-klensin-unicode-escapes-01 may be relevant here. See
for instance (and if you
want to participate).

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