Valencian registration redundant tags; prefixes; more information

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Fri Jan 26 23:08:30 CET 2007

Thanks to you all for corrections to my email where I said I was not sure 
that the use of the region subtag would not be appropriate!

I should have looked near the top of the RFC document first,
"The syntax of the language tag . . . "

It specifies that a regional subtag must be either:

   region        = 2ALPHA                 ; ISO 3166 code
                 / 3DIGIT                 ; UN M.49 code
VC would be a 2-character code,
but the complex tag ES-V would not really consist of either 2 alpha 
characters or 3 digits,
as it is formed from two tags, and might not be allowed:

"   5.  There MUST be at most one region subtag in a language tag and the
       region subtag MAY be omitted, as when it adds no distinguishing
       value to the tag.
In any case neither VC nor ES-V may belong to an acceptable standard 
according to John (I do not know enough about this to say more because I am 
still learning, but . . . VC is not one of the regions listed with the 
registry!  I'm still trying to make sense of RFC 4646; sorry!).

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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