Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Jan 7 15:40:53 CET 2007

Reshat wrote:

> i've listed the categories of possible choices to organize the options:

> 1) per-language (janalif for tt, canalip for kk, year for others)

> 2) one variant for all Turkic languages: i'm going to make it easy for
> you and remove the variance from 2) by suggesting the following variant
> for all Turkic languages: NTA

> 3) one variant for all 70 languages: i suggested ussrlatn, and there was
> another suggested form of ussr1928.

> Now let me ask you folks 2 questions:
> a. Am i correct in concluding that this list is not inclined to option
> 3) above?

I'm not yet sure, what other (apparently non-Turkic) languages are you
talking about ?  Your option (2) appears to be better defined, and it's
also more directly related to what you really want.  But otherwise it's
IMO okay to register a variant with some prefixes, later adding more
prefixes as needed - probably not all 70, purely theoretical constructs
aren't relevant for the language subtag registry, it's no encyclopedia.

> If so, i suggest this list considers NTA as the first matter of business:
> if it's approved, it automatically covers janalif, canalip, and 1) in
> general, but of course it only covers Turkic languages. If not, we fail
> back to option 1). But the 2 are really tied together.

Fine, you can have variants of variants for this (2) before (1) approach.

> b. Do we want to make a preliminary decision on 1) vs. 2) first, and
> then i submit a request for formal voting, or do you want me to submit
> the replacement request for ussrlatn now?

There's no "formal voting", but a "formal request", an "open discussion",
and eventually Michael's "final decision".  Plus an appeal procedure, or
an improved new request if the request was rejected.

JFTR, if you register "whatever" as variant for tt (e.g. prefix tt-Latn),
you can't later reduce this to prefix tt-Latn-newturka resulting in tags
tt-Latn-newturka-whatever.  On the other hand if you register "newturka"
with (among others) prefix tt-Latn, you can later add "whatever" with a
prefix tt-Latn-newturka.

The reason for this rule in 4646 are the potential tags tt-Latn-whatever
created before the introduction of newturka, it's okay to make the set
of permitted prefixes larger, it's not okay to remove permitted prefixes.


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