idna-mapping update

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Mon Dec 21 09:12:50 CET 2009


You'd be surprised just how much heat in the ICANN system is from 
parties who only think about registration from the point of view of 
how a registration is abusive if it is made to exploit some property 
of lookup.

In a nutshell, all the cops and robbers inputs into the system are 
utterly uninterested in registration, except as it relates to exploits 
of properties of lookup.

Before making assertions about what ICANN is, or isn't, I suggest 
asking a peer who is more involved, presently or previously, if the 
impression one has is well founded.

One additional nuance, the use of the DNS is not limited to browsers 
or similar applications, but is a general identifier to resource 
mapping service that sits above routing, at the same level with 
transport. Occasionally, this actually matters, e.g., the variant 
motivated clone question in DNSEXT.


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