Mississippi Hi?es

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I'm not sure that choice helps much.

The hisssssssssssssing made me think the permutations were hard to handle for compatibility.  However really you only need a few forms, not exponential.  The registry needs a way of blocking all permutations, but they only have to bundle the IDNA2003 form and the "correct" spelling form (and maybe rarely another form if the correct spelling isn't clear).

Bundling really means (maybe?) "Block anyone else but me from registering any other form of my name", and "Let me bundle another form if necessary".  For IDNA2003 compatibility I don't think that the registrars have to bundle ALL the names, only the ss form and the "correctly" spelled form.  Blocking the others would still make Mark's test of "not going somewhere evil", even if a random link broke.


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>Ugh, I was being swayed toward the PVALID camp (from the PVALID-but-bundled camp, which, AFAICT was just me) and now you're all undoing that! (Which I don't think was your intent ;)

You can probably stay swayed if the registries doing the bundling get the choice of when to bundle. I suggest again: "SHOULD ... where sensible".
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