Bundling of Domain Names and DNAME

Vaggelis Segredakis segred at ics.forth.gr
Fri Dec 4 14:28:41 CET 2009

Dear Erik,

Actually it does not matter whether the final sigma is PVALID or not,
although I believe that it will be since both the .gr Registry and .cy
Registry have asked for it.

We have the same issue with the accent mark "tonos". Almost each word in
Greek has this accent mark in small letters but if you put it in capital
letters the mark is omitted, creating two different xn-- Punycode
translations for each word used as a domain name.

We Bundle domain names already because of this "tonos" and we face this
bundling issue since 2005 but we had put our hopes on the IDNA revision for
a better solution. Since this is not possible, we need the XNAME bundling
regardless of the final sigma in IDNA2008 situation.

Kind Regards,

Vaggelis Segredakis

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Vaggelis, thank you for raising this issue on the namedroppers list.

Namedroppers, I would like to clarify one item below.

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 7:56 AM, Vaggelis Segredakis <segred at ics.forth.gr>
> Recently, as a member of the discussion of the IDNABIS WG I tried to help
> resolving these issues by explaining them to that group. However that
> is not free to completely re-design the IDNA protocol to something else
> rather with small steps to reform it to something with fewer issues.
> Unfortunately, on this process, one of the changes that are implemented
> to even more names that have to be bundled together for each registrant.
> This makes it even more significant to break this chain of cost for the
> user.

The IDNAbis WG drafts have not been published as RFCs yet. Currently,
the drafts make Final Sigma (Unicode U+03C2) PVALID, but this issue is
currently being discussed in the WG.


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