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Unless you want to start another conflagration, please accept that there are
extremely solid reasons for putting some symbols into this category. There
are others that must be accepted and a third category which is basically not
well enough understood to know but should not be allowed in until the
uncertainties are resolved.



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I am sort of knew to this level of the discussion but am wondering at the
extent of the list.  e.g I have been curious why some of the symbols would
not be allowed.  I tend to look at the possibility of symbolic labels as
offering a possible alternative for non literate people on special

Are there technical issues that make these problematic?  Or is this a policy
decision that is being encapsulated into the technical solution?


On 2 feb 2007, at 21.37, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> For conservative criteria for what to absolutely, positively guarantee 
> are in the never, never, ever category, I have started with:
> 1. cp != NFKC(cp)
> 2. cp has Pattern_Syntax property
> 3. cp has Pattern_White_Space property 4. cp has White_Space property 
> 5. cp has Variation_Selector property 6. cp has 
> Noncharacter_Code_Point property 7. cp has General_Category=Cf 
> (Unicode format controls) 8. cp has General_Category=Cc (ISO controls)

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